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Recover from P6 Data Loss with the P6-Auditor

P6-Auditor helped a large oil company recover from P6 data loss

Recover from P6 Data Loss with the P6-Auditor

Report on P6 Data Changes

Client Overview

Client is a Canadian integrated energy company that specializes in the production of synthetic crude from the oil sands.


  • Resources and code dictionaries were being incorrectly modified in the P6 database

  • Projects were being removed from the database

  • EPS nodes were being moved out of place

  • Uncertainty about how their licenses were being allocated across multiple databases

  • Identify users who needed training and guidance on how to properly use P6


  • Focus training on users who needed it

  • Determine active users in P6 and license distribution

  • When a deletion of activity code types occurred, company was able to recover quickly from the data loss

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