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ARTEMIS to Primavera P6 Integration


A customer identified a gap with their current technology, which did not fit their business requirements. To fill this gap, a migration to Primavera was chosen. What was most important to the client was that the asset of historical data, which had been built up over the years through much experience in maintenance and turnaround, could not be lost because the cost would have been too high.


The solution developed by Emerald Associates was to implement Primavera P3 to fulfill the business requirements identified. To maintain the historical data, Emerald migrated the historical job plans directly into Primavera P3, and created a turnaround Primavera P3 training that paralleled the Artemis training, allowing for previous data to be retained and previous learning model to be used, lessening the overall learning curve.


To make things much more simpler for our client, the “planning hours X the number of job plans” was easily converted, making things a lot easier to read, and eliminating human data entry errors, which resulted in “no plan execution delays X the number of job plans converted.”

Emerald’s Experience

Emerald has used this tool to convert 500 ARTEMIS® projects to P3 Project Planner at Suncor Energy.