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Primavera P6 Timesheet -> QuickBooks

Emerald Associates created an integration tool that loads timesheets created in Primavera into the timesheets in QuickBooks®. This tool uses the project, project codes, project status, tasks, resources and roles to load billable, non-billable and overhead tasks into QuickBooks without any recoding. It also ties the role to the accounting items to match bill-out rates for different skill levels and client rates. This has saved Emerald hundreds of hours a year of data entry into QuickBooks® while allowing our project managers to have quicker access to weekly timesheets to status their projects and for client reporting.

Some Clients

Emerald Associates


Anyone who uses Primavera Timesheets and QuickBooks and wants to streamline the loading of actual information.

Emerald has also worked with loading Primavera Timesheets into Oracle and SAP.