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P6-Auditor v4 Webinar: Display Information from Primavera P6 Audit Tables - 2022-08-25

August 25, 2022 7:00 am MDT - 8:00 am MDT


While Primavera P6 does an excellent job of auditing changes made to a P6 database by users, this data is not easy to get at for the typical P6 user or administrator. Emerald Associates created P6-Auditor to display the information from the P6 audit tables for reporting on Events, User Activity and Data Usage. This data is presented in our web application in simple inline tabular reports which can be tailored with filters and column customization and saved for reusing without the assistance of a DBA. P6-Auditor makes finding what has been added, changed and/or deleted from P6 and who did it very easy. This improves coaching moments and reduces wait time if you need to restore a database.

Join us to see how P6-Auditor can enhance your administrative capabilities in P6.

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