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P6-QA to Fix IT Program Gaps

Transportation company uses P6-QA to ensure projects are managed consistently to meet tight timelines.

P6-QA to Fix IT Program Gaps

Critical Path and Contractor Deliveries

Written by Nicole Jardin

Client Overview

Providing ferry transport to thousands of people daily is no easy task. Ensuring customers have a good experience required overhauling customer service programs. This large IT program had many moving parts and the team needed a way to ensure all the projects within the programs were being managed consistently to meet very tight timelines.


  • P6 was new and the users were running projects

  • No reliable critical path across the program

  • Forecasting was not coming together reliably


  • P6-QA critiqued 20 projects during development

  • P6-QA highlighted open ends - allowed critical path schedule

  • P6-QA helped team see gaps in resourcing

  • Schedule review workshops to fix deficiencies

  • Better schedule development

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