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TAPS - Reduce Stress, Improve Forecasting

TAPS helped turnarounds run smoother and with less stress.

TAPS - Reduce Stress, Improve Forecasting

Scanning made all the difference

Client Overview

As an international integrated Oil and Gas organization from Vienna, Austria, large turnaround projects are second nature; however, getting updates and forecasting done is still a challenge.


  • Updating thousands of activities within 2 hours of a shift change.

  • Ensuring a simple forecasting at the end of the shift to get the next crew lead to status this to complete.

  • Knowing what inspections were needed.

  • Getting the crews to the right place for efficiency.


  • The New Zealand group got TAPS at the recommendation of the Engineering leads, and this has been great for them. With TAPS, the updating process was much more smooth and painless.

  • The team had a lot less stress, and reporting was simplified.

  • Accurate forecasting went up significantly.

  • The turnarounds have been smoother on the impact analysis.

  • Better mitigation of work area access.

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