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Large US Oil Company Implements P6-Loader and TAPS

One refinery using TAPS and P6-Loader saw great improvements in speed and accuracy when working with P6 data that the company rolled out the tools to all refineries.

Large US Oil Company Implements P6-Loader and TAPS

Simplify the STO process from beginning to end

Client Overview

Client is an oil and gas company with a focus in refining and marketing petroleum products, processing natural gas and gas liquids, and manufacturing petrochemicals, polymers, and plastics.


  • The Planners wanted to add information to their schedules in an easy way using information provided in spreadsheets.

  • The Washington state refinery was seeking to simplify and accelerate the input of progress.

  • The contracted master scheduler at the Ferndale Refinery had used P6-Loader and TAPS before and knew the tools would simplify their STO processes.


  • TAPS was initially used at the Ferndale Refinery and saved so much time, it is used on turnarounds at all the company’s refineries now.

  • After using P6-Loader at the Ferndale refinery, the tool was purchased company-wide for use with all P6 databases.

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