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Large U.S. State DOT Saved Time Cleaning Primavera P6 Files for Import

Learn how P6-Scrubber can edit P6 XERs, XMLs and MSP XMLs

Large U.S. State DOT Saved Time Cleaning Primavera P6 Files for Import

P6-Scrubber used to edit and remove unwanted data prior to import

Client Overview

This State Department of Transportation is a governmental agency that constructs, maintains, and regulates the use of transportation infrastructure. It is responsible for more than 20,000 lane-miles of roadway, nearly 3,000 vehicular bridges and 524 other structures. This infrastructure includes rail lines, state highways, state ferries (considered part of the highway system) and state airports.


  • Users were in need of a faster, easier way to remove or remap data from contractor XERs and XMLs prior to importing to P6.

  • Users required a fast way to prefix or remove roles in their XERs and XMLs.

  • Microsoft Project XMLs are provided by contractors. They wanted to also have the ability to edit these files prior to importing them into their P6 database.


  • Deployed P6-Scrubber to facilitate the editing of XER and XML files.

  • Quick role prefixing or removing roles was needed, so Emerald added that option to the Simple Scrub module in P6-Scrubber.

  • MSP XML file scrubbing was added to the P6-Scrubber tool to facilitate the editing of these files.

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