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P6-Calculator v7 - New Release

Easily Manage Key Resources and Mandatory Activities in P6!

P6-Calculator v7 - New Release

December 1, 2023

Written by Ravi Wallau

Easily Manage Key Resources and Mandatory Activities in P6!

New Features

  • Custom field copy - copy custom fields from the primary resource into the activity that holds it, or assign a value in a UDF or code based on the calendar the activity has selected. The rules are fully customizable, and it is possible to create match rules using regular expressions.

  • Required objects feature - check if your project has required objects based on pre-defined rules in the program, and fix the problem if possible or alert the user if that is not possible. For example, WAIT activities with a pre-defined duration and name format.

  • Global change feature - apply changes to project data based on pre-defined rules. For example, change the relationship type from the WAIT activity into its milestone's successors from SF to FF, once the milestone activities have reached a certain status.

  • Resource rate import - allow resource rates to be imported from an external system and applied as new resource rates to the resources, matching on resource codes. Shifts are taken into consideration if they are being used.

  • Dictionary synchronization - in some organizations you may have a project code and an activity code that must have the same values. With this feature, you can define a source code and the code values are synchronized to the target codes. The dictionaries are kept in sync, and if a value is moved in the source hierarchy, it is also moved in the target hierarchy.

  • As part of dictionary synchronization, it is also possible to copy the resource tree as a resource code dictionary.

  • Code assignment copy based on certain rules - for example, you can assign a code in the activity based on a corresponding code value in the primary resource for that activity.


  • Cleanup UDFs - you can configure the P6-Calculator to cleanup some UDFs in the projects regularly. This is useful if you need to re-trigger some calculations on a regular basis for these projects.

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