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P6-Calculator v6.4 - New Release

Easily Manage Key Resources and Mandatory Activities in P6!

P6-Calculator v6.4 - New Release

January 31, 2023

Written by Dan MacMillan

Easily Manage Key Resources and Mandatory Activities in P6!

New Features

  • Groups related projects together.

  • Analyzes the order in which key resources move between projects and groups in P6.

  • Automatically builds and maintains a project code hierarchy that shows the groups and projects in the order in which key resources visit them.

  • Automatically builds and maintains logic between projects and between groups that models the movement of these key resources.

  • Automatically adds or removes optional activities on the first or last project in a group to represent resource setup or teardown time.

  • Flags projects with an alert indicator UDF if required activities are missing.


  • A key resource could be a rig, a crane, or any other major equipment or resource that you want to optimize the utilization of.

  • Multiple key resources can be managed.

  • You control what defines a group of projects.

  • Different rules for building logic can be defined for resource moves within a group and resource moves between groups.

  • You control how projects are sorted to determine the order in which each key resource moves between them.

  • The project code dictionary, logic, and optional activities automatically adapt to changes in project order.

  • You control which projects are checked for mandatory activities.

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