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Safran Risk v22.1.0 - New Release

Safran Risk has released v22.1.0. Read about all the exciting new features.

Safran Risk v22.1.0 - New Release

May 3, 2023

Written by Ian Nicholson

Safran Risk has released v22.1.0. Read about all the exciting new features.

New Features

  • Automatic Report Package Generator - Functionality to generate a report package that contains a number of output chart images, a Word report, and an Excel report. The report package can be run and customized from the analyze tab.

  • The UI of the sensitivity analysis tab has been updated. It now also allows you to run sensitivity against a schedule summary and against the schedule types duration and start date.

  • Cost Module - It's now possible to have more than one top node and to set the type for each top node.

  • The import of external files now allows three options when updating an existing project: overwrite, update, and append.

  • Distribution Graph - It's now possible to set the target to the value of a user field. This allows you to set up target dates for all the activities in the schedule.


  • Hammock to Hammock links are now allowed by the Safran Risk scheduler.

  • Mode added to distribution graph information.

  • Recent projects are now opened with the same access level as they were opened last time.

  • Added option to grouping in the cost tab to see the whole path in the summary ID field.

  • Added Total Float, Free Float, and Calendar to the Activity Information tab in Risk Mappings.

  • Risk Mean Start and Risk Mean Finish columns added to the schedule.

  • Added option for image size for all the output charts. This allows for consistent size of the generated images regardless of the state of the Safran Risk window.

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