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501 Managing Risk
Primavera Risk Analysis

Prerequisites Primavera 102 Course is recommended
Accreditation 19.5 Informal Learning Units
Targeted Roles Resource Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers

The Primavera Risk Analysis tool (formerly known as Pertmaster) enables Monte Carlo risk analysis to be applied to scheduling tools to create dramatically more realistic planning and more rational decision making, while enabling targeted management of high risk tasks. It runs in conjunction with many scheduling tools, including Primavera P3 and P3e. This course is aimed at those who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of the scheduling and risk analysis capabilities of Primavera Risk Analysis. The course provides "hands-on" exercises for advanced project scheduling, quantitative and qualitative risk modeling with Primavera Risk Analysis.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Risk Analysis
  • Overview and Navigation
  • Understanding Risk
  • Schedule Review
  • Pre-Analysis Check
  • Applying Duration Uncertainty
  • Task Existence
  • Basic Probability Branching
  • Advanced probabilistic event modeling and branching
  • Risk Register
  • Correlation
  • Resource and Cost Uncertainty
  • Analyze and Review
  • Working with P6
  • Putting It All Together (Exercises)



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What Our Students are Saying...

  • Adept at Primavera Risk Analysis Already

    Adept at Primavera Risk Analysis Already

    "All [the material] was new content to me, and it was so well presented I feel like I am adept at Primavera Risk Analysis already. Having the two exercises at the end that required students to go through the full gambit of what the software's capabilities are was super helpful. The instructor, Ian, was great - he was very knowledgeable and eager to help. I could not have learned so much without him. "

    -Wes Helwig, Risk Analysis Online Training, August 2020
  • The instructor is very knowledgeable.

    The instructor is very knowledgeable.

    "The instructor is very knowledgeable. I appreciated that the class was interactive and allowed me to work through a few models."

    -501 Risk Analysis Trainee, Nov 2018
  • Informative Course and Knowledgeable Instructor

    Informative Course and Knowledgeable Instructor

    "Very well done and informative course. Ian (Nicholson) was very knowledgeable and helpful."

    -501 Risk Analysis Trainee
  • Examples to Reinforce the Training

    Examples to Reinforce the Training

    "Ian is extremely knowledgeable and provided great examples to reinforce the training material. I also appreciated the candid feedback on what features are most commonly used in the industry."

    -501 Risk Analysis Training Attendee
  • Outstanding Instructor

    Outstanding Instructor

    "Ian Nicholson is an outstanding instructor and facilitator. He was thoughtful in his descriptions and explanations, and answered my questions clearly and comprehensively. Great job!"

    -501 Risk Analysis Training Attendee