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Utility Company Uses P6-Scrubber to Clean P6 Files

P6-Scrubber helps utility company clean P6 schedules prior to importing them in their production environment

Utility Company Uses P6-Scrubber to Clean P6 Files

Client Overview

The client is a multi-faceted utility company that has multiple business units. They own and operate many substations and transmission lines that form part of the Alberta interconnected electric system. They provide water and wastewater services to more than 85 communities and industrial sites across Western Canada. The client also operates in the US and serves more than 780,000 people across 42 communities and 18 counties in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, making it one of the largest private regulated water utilities in the U.S. Southwest.


  • The scheduling teams' interactions with outside contractors and consultants required the team to receive schedules to import. They required a way to clean the schedules prior to import so the data does not collide with other business units.

  • Each team required different rules for contractors and consultants, such as prefixes and what parent tree to land resources when imported.


  • P6-Scrubber was deployed for the team to make the cleaning effort easier, more reliable and faster to handle.

  • The users setup the scrubbing definitions for the contractor and consultant loads, import an XER/XML file into P6-Scrubber, run P6-Scrubber which does the cleanups and then import the projects into P6 Production after the P6-Scrubber has done the cleanups

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