Oracle Primavera P6 17.9 Released

The monthly Cloud release for Primavera P6 is now available. The following issues were resolved for Primavera P6 17.9.


  • 26641645 Switching from my tasks to timesheets taking more time

  • 26625987 Error switching to classic view

  • 26615925 Spreadsheet values for financial period timescale is not displayed properly

  • 26574219 Resource analysis 'no results' when resource access is set to sub hierarchy LVL

  • 26562618 Dashboard views display non-english like thai chars as square box

  • 26530643 Pre178- unable to save nested filtering on activities page

  • 26201028 Activity page is not refreshed after scheduling

  • 26193868 Field date added of newly created project does not show in client timezone

  • 25997262 Order of record changes on editing any field and saving

  • 25590378 Behavior of notebook description having & is diff in standard & classic

  • 25534248 Project security job fails due to size of table

  • 26590273 Value type attribute in timestamp causing ws-i compliance error



  • 26584333 Unable to load team member web after login



  • 25909530 BPM is not working with P6 17.5



  • 26500067 API license module access not respected when professional module is selected


  • 26418026 Severe: an error occurred while dropping license records using P6 web services



  • 26647138 LOE (level of effort) activity remaining units zero'd out and no remaining lag

  • 26647114 Visualizer fails to connect to database over SSL protocol (db direct connection)

  • 26647037 Imported P6 XML schedules having +1 day finish dates past correct finish date

  • 26646974 tcvirtualtable.optfieldindexof: vtable is not loaded - project

  • 26646904 P6 Pro client live data vs web data discrepancies - client bug

  • 26560536 P6 Pro takes about 60 seconds to start up with local empty SQLite db

  • 26330577 Hint help not working in P6 professional deployed via click once

  • 26100159 Could not find base project "xxx" when restoring baseline in P6 Professional

  • 25663612 Error opening project while checked enable client side cache

  • 25380223 SQLite standalone upgrade on network share fails

  • 24587811 Pro client freezes during activity deletion

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