Oracle Primavera Unifier 17.9 Released

The monthly cloud release for Unifier is now available.  The following issues were resolved for Primavera Unifier 17.9. For more information visit Oracle Support.


Version 17.9

  • 26319911 Publishing docs does not revise existing files with same name

  • 26495319 Cannot create an activity within the schedule sheet french language

  • 25444448 Unable to bulk approve project creation BP

  • 26379279 BP log column is not updating as expected from the DE in the BP record

  • 26386246 When opening a particular DDS, it just hangs

  • 26492180 500 workflow error when using Web Services

  • 26538570 Cutting and pasting currency amounts into line item returns unexpected results

  • 26408313 Import failed error when import configuration package, contains exception

  • 26408513 Shell data picker not returning results immediately after updating to


Version 17.9

  • 26121508 Data combination for null not found error sending record through workflow

  • 26324922 No documents in document manager on iOS App

  • 26338788 Invoices - general line item not rolling up to SOV as expected

  • 26400760 Project mailbox is not working in stage

  • 26438126 Last login report doesn't seem to include iOS mobile app users

  • 26492311 Processing status window stays open even after report is open

  • 26520500 iOS App unable to create fire watch tour BP record, error in create workflow BP

  • 26532868 List from shell tab does not show all projects

  • 26534065 New record created ROC cost BP log when trying to view record

  • 26585814 Record in terminal status can be terminated by gear icon before end step

  • 26614658 Unable to change BP from draft to complete status

  • 26616694 Data format decimal disabled when adding new column to the cost sheet

  • 26627480 Custom print internal model not working for partner users

  • 26638931 Front port v17.9 for bug 26416792: email action and mailbox issues

  • 26639020 Front port 17.9 for 26046644: project emails not being received

  • 26639180 Front port v17.9:26442707 task email actions or action emails

  • 26645362 Unable to remove change order line item

  • 26664221 Unable to send the uMail to more tan 200 recipients

  • 26676032 BP forms fields are not displaying correctly

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