What's New with Primavera Unifier 17.7

The latest version of Unifier 17.7 is now available for download on Oracle edelivery. Changes that come with this release are listed below:



  • Easier navigation for all projects
  • Better log views are starting to match the standard log views in P6. Tasks and Business Processes first
  • Bulk edits in the log views actions
  • Bulk reassigning of tasks to another user
  • Easier access to printing

Document Manager - more functionality

  • Document Manager moved to a classic view as well
  • Bulk edits in document manager
  • Document manager attachment matching improvements
  • Document type BPs have multiple tabs now
  • Document type BPs can have mandatory line item attachments

Schedule of Values -

  • BP line items, better navigation and filtering with find
  • Improved schedule of values, flexibility and usability for summary lines and detail lines, as well as in-flight documents

Bidder Portal -

  • Improved bidder portal with time zone localization and e-mail customization

Facility Management - Leases

  • Lease indexing improved with escalation
  • Better auto-creation for lease payment records


  • Workflow easier to control with better filtering
  • P6 cost codes to activity sheet easier to match
  • Project e-mail customization
  • Better deployment of configuration packages


  • Additional BPs and data availability
  • Better custom report access and handling of images