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Safran Risk v22.2.0 - New Release

Safran Risk has released v22.2.0. Read about all the exciting new features.

Safran Risk v22.2.0 - New Release

October 18, 2023

Written by Ian Nicholson

Safran Risk has released v22.2.0. Read about all the exciting new features.

New Features

  • It’s now possible to login to Safran Risk using Azure Active Directory

  • Advanced impact option that lets risks impact activities and costs in new ways. For example, it’s now possible to spread an absolute risk impact over multiple elements. You can also limit the number of mapped elements that will be impacted each iteration.

  • Column picker that lets you select which columns to show.The ability to add a number of new columns that lets you see the distribution values and more as columns.

  • If you’re using Risk Mapping for inputting activity duration uncertainty, it’s now possible to use all distributions here. You can also use absolute and relative.


  • Activity Duration Uncertainty can now be set to any distribution in the Risk Mapping tab

  • Advanced Impacts lets you spread impact over activities or costs and limit the number of impacted elements

  • Schedule data can now be seen as columns in the Risk Mapping tab

  • On a multi-user database the project is now opened in Update Mode (instead of Exclusive) after an import

  • New columns in the Project Risks tab: Schedule Distribution (Pre andPost), Cost distribution (Pre and Post), Post-Mit Probability, Impact Independently, Notes, and Mappings Count

  • Activity Duration has been added to the Risk Mapping Excel import/export. This will allow setting duration uncertainty in Excel.

  • Resource tab added to Risk Mapping so that resources for each activity can be seen

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