Emerald Associates Announces the New Release of TAPS v8.0

TAPS is a barcode-based progressing system designed by Emerald for updating schedules in Primavera P6 for the Shutdown/Turnaround/Outage industries. It is one of Emerald’s most popular solutions due to its ability to reduce schedule updating/statusing time by over 75%. With TAPS, instead of manually finding an activity and updating the start, finish and percent complete, two fast scans with a barcode scanner can find and update a P6 activity within seconds. Cancelling work can also be done through the scanning process, saving huge amounts of time.

Innovative features of this release include new updating options that give users the ability to update P6 activities with all the percent complete types available in Primavera P6. In the previous version, Duration Percent Complete or Remaining Duration were the only updating options. Now, due to client request, Physical Percent Complete and Units Percent Complete have been added as scanning options in version 8.

TAPS has always allowed users to calculate Earned Value (EV) at the resource assignment level using Duration Percent Complete but with version 8 Physical Percent Complete can also be used to calculate resource assignment Earned Value. As a result, planning and scheduling teams are able to report EV, CPI and SPI by trade without splitting activities in P6.

The added progressing flexibility along with the ability to calculate and report Earned Value at the resource assignment level makes this new version of TAPS a strategic Primavera enhancement for all Primavera Shutdown/Turnaround/Outage users. With the new functionality  of our barcode scanning technology we are excited to see TAPS expand beyond its traditional use in schedule updating for turnarounds, shutdowns and outages and move towards streamlining schedule updating for capital projects as well.

For more information about TAPS please visit our product page