New Patch Set Released by Oracle for Primavera P6 15.2.5

The support issues resolved with 15.2 Patch Set 5 include the following:

  • When using the standard parameter p_resource_id, the LOV from the P6 Reporting view does not bring up any way to select values. Clicking on the LOV does nothing. The command "Close" (right click) stays active on an EPS level even if no Proj is opened. This does not apply to the "Close All" option.


  • Updating My Tasks in Team Member and upon saving changes the edited values revert back to the original value on-screen. However, the updates are processed once changes have been approved, however, the team member user has no clue if changes were accepted.

  • Unable to edit Relationship Lag in Template Project.

  • When P6 web authentication is set to WebSSO the "Do not show this again" checkbox is larger in size than it needs to be.

  • 'View' settings of 'My Preferences' becomes read only as soon as the changes are saved. Every User can edit these configurations/preferences only once. They do not have an option to re-configure their UI.

  • When opening a project or clicking the project tab the java applet fails to load with the following error coming up in the WebAccessLogs: Could not load service details. Please contact your system administrator...

  • The P6 Managed Server in Weblogic will fail to start if the particular number of databases that are added to the configuration reach an undetermined size.

  • When using the E-Mail Document Details function from the Documents page or portlet produces an incorrect URL.

  • In P6 Web when opening a project in Exclusive Access mode the Project Lock icon does not display in the Activities view, but it does display in the P6 client Activities view.

  • Unable to import Microsoft Project XML file. The import process hangs at 50% and then eventually fails…


The resolved issues listed above are for P6 Web 15.2.5 only. More issues have been resolved for the API, ADMIN, TM and P6 Pro and can be reviewed here.

For detailed instructions on how to install 15.2 Patch Set 5 click here.