Oracle Announces Two New Models Of The Oracle Database Appliance

The ODA X6-2 is a complete database solution comprising Oracle Database Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition 2, along with systems software, server, storage, and networking. The new models announced by Oracle provide a lower entry price point and Emerald Associates is excited to have a more affordable option for our small to midsize Primavera clients.

The ODA X6-2S is ideal for customers running single-instance databases while the Oracle Database Appliance X6-2M is optimized to run multiple databases. All the components are engineered by Oracle to work together – so a single DBA can install and deploy it in about 90 minutes.

Getting your Primavera applications running on an ODA X6-2S, ODA X6-M2 or the preexisting ODA X5-2 will allow them to perform at their highest level. These systems are optimized to run both Oracle Database and Oracle Applications. Customers running Primavera applications from remote sites or branch locations who don’t want to compromise on performance need to contact us immediately.

Clients have been very pleased to learn about the entry price point, the flexible Oracle Database software licensing and the ability to back up or archive their data and easily move it between on premise and the Oracle Cloud. This ease of movement is giving birth to what we are calling a hybrid solution which is ultimately a backup solution that is significantly more cost effective than what is currently available.

For further detail and specifications on the two new ODA X6-2 models you can review the brochure here.

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