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P6-Loader v13 - New Release

P6-Loader v13 - New Release

Easier Hierarchies and Fragnet Templating

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P6-QA v8 - New Release

P6-QA v8 - New Release

Your P6-QA metrics are now available in Power BI reports. You can also create custom reports via our P6-Reporter tool in your corporate dashboards. These reports include time based metrics to help you see where in your project these quality issues exist.

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Upcoming Live Webinars

Upcoming Live Webinars

Watch one of this month's live webinars.
  • P6-Scrubber - May 14, 11am-12pm MDT

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P6-Calculator v7 - New Release

P6-Calculator v7 - New Release

Easily Manage Key Resources and Mandatory Activities in P6!

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Safran Risk v22.2.0 - New Release

Safran Risk v22.2.0 - New Release

Safran Risk has released v22.2.0. Read about all the exciting new features.

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P6-Auditor v5 - New Release

P6-Auditor v5 - New Release

Our latest version of P6-Auditor has a new look and feel making auditing definitions easier and faster to build.

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Safran Risk v22.1.0 - New Release

Safran Risk v22.1.0 - New Release

Safran Risk has released v22.1.0. Read about all the exciting new features.

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P6-Scrubber v6 - New Release

P6-Scrubber v6 - New Release

In version 6, we added notebook type scrubbing and also made improvements to the P6-Scrubber user interface, reports and functionality in general.

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P6-Calculator v6.4 - New Release

P6-Calculator v6.4 - New Release

Easily Manage Key Resources and Mandatory Activities in P6!

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Upcoming Online Training

Upcoming Online Training

Join one of our upcoming, live online training courses for Primavera P6 or Safran Risk.
  • Managing Risk in Safran Risk - July 8-11
  • Primavera P6 Basic - July 22-26
  • Primavera P6 Advanced - August 12-14
  • Primavera P6 Basic - Sept 9-13

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P6-Scrubber v5 - New Release

P6-Scrubber v5 - New Release

Work online or offline to define and scrub your XER files and now, in the new release, XML files. Version 5 makes scrubbing files even easier for schedulers.

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P6-Loader v12 - New Release

P6-Loader v12 - New Release

Our latest version of the P6-Loader brings the ability to automate the backups out of P6 even from the Oracle P6 Cloud.

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PCM-Archiver v6.3 - New Release

PCM-Archiver v6.3 - New Release

PCM-Archiver version 6.3 adds support for Primavera Expedition.

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Blog: P6-Reporter Self-Serve Dashboards for Turnarounds

Blog: P6-Reporter Self-Serve Dashboards for Turnarounds

Learn how P6-Reporter dashboards can help in Turnarounds in this blog article

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P6-Reporter v3 - New Release

P6-Reporter v3 - New Release

More charts. More insight. Understand your projects in ready to use, customizable reports in Power BI, Tableau or ODV.

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PCM-Archiver v6.1 - New Release

PCM-Archiver v6.1 - New Release

PCM-Archiver version 6.1 gives you better control than ever over the archived file and folder names.

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Safran Risk v21 - New Release

Safran Risk v21 - New Release

Safran Risk has released v21. Read about all the exciting new features.

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P6-Scrubber v4 - New Release

P6-Scrubber v4 - New Release

Work online or offline to define and scrub your XER files and now, in the new release, XML files. Version 4 makes scrubbing files even easier for schedulers.

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PCM-Archiver v6 - New Release

PCM-Archiver v6 - New Release

PCM-Archiver version 6 allows you to save even more time when resuming previously-interrupted extractions.

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P6-QA v7 - New Release

P6-QA v7 - New Release

Our latest version of P6-QA brings specific highlights to the GOA and Naval Air Scheduling quality standard metrics.

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P6-Loader Released

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Emerald P6-Loader has been released, this is a patch release and has to following features and fixes.

Released on March 15th, 2019

New Features and Fixes

  • [P6L-I81] - Extracting activities with codes and UDFs, then extracting them without codes and UDFs, would produce an invalid Excel file.
  • [P6L-I71] Fixes a bug that could occur during XER extraction;
  • [P6L-I87] Auto-refresh of the task table was not working properly.


Enhanced Single Record Business Process Log.

Configure the runtime list of default business process log views per business process.

WBS label is changed to CBS across Unifier.

uMail is renamed to Mailbox in all locations.

The Notifications log is redesigned similar to the Tasks log.

All login screens of the Unifier application have been modified with a standard look and feel.

View replies from external users in the Project Mailbox.

Choose to display project/shell name or number in the navigation tabs.

Customize the Total row of the grid in Payment Applications and Summary Payment Applications to accurately reflect its values at runtime.

Synchronizations are available in Unifier Gateway node to import P6 activities into Unifier Shell.

Unifier Analytics now supports cost code attributes, tab ID, and pickers.

The display of monthly actuals in Portfolio Manager has been extended to derived curves, multiple forecast curves, linked/unlinked projects, and yearly plans.

Configure Portfolio Manager to send notifications to users and groups when a scenario is shared or approved.

Keep the current session active in Unifier.

Document Management (DM) enhancements: Availability of advanced search functionality. - Ability to add frequently visited documents and folders to Favorites - Ability to use templates to update DM changes in shells of the same type. - The interface of the Documents template of a shell template has been modified for better usability. - Ability to sort columns in the log regardless of the number of pages. - Ability to switch between grid and tile view of the log layout. - Ability to use the enhanced methods to create, view and manage shortcuts in the Document Manager.

SPA Enhancement: Overpayment in Summary Payment Applications SOV
Starting Unifier release 18.2, you can now overpay on line items of the Summary Payment Applications business process.


SPA Enhancement: Update Existing Previous Payment Calculations
You can override the existing hardcoded calculation on the Previous Amount (uuu_spa_prev_amt) field by selecting a custom data element -- for example, Amount This Period on the standard detail form of the Summary Payment Applications business process.

SPA Enhancement: Summary Row Totals
The Summary Row Totals enhancement applies to a Payment Applications business process with reference to a Contracts business process of Summary Payment Applications SOV type.

Web Services Integration: getSOV for Summary Payment Applications
You can now run the Webservice getSOV call to get SOV details of a contract of Summary Payment Applications SOV type.

Business Process: Redesign for Simple and Line Item – Phase 2
In the Attachments tab, Browse (My Computer in earlier versions), and Document Manager (Unifier Folders in earlier versions) are now available as Attach dropdown options.

Business Process: Linked Mails Tab
When maximized, the Linked Mails tab of a BP form is divided into left and right sections. The left section displays the grid, and the right displays the functions, content and attachments of the selected mail.

Business Process: Enhanced log UI in Query Based Tabs
Query based tabs in BP forms have a new look with some additional functionality.

Business Process: Calendar Enabled Objects
Calendar-enabled simple and line item business processes now support the new form UI.

Business Process: Master Vendor Business Process
The enhanced form UI has also been extended to the Master Vendors BP.

Business Process: Line Item Consolidation – Phase 2
The bottom line item section in line item business processes have been further enhanced.

Business Process Form: Picker and Manual Entry fields
In picker fields, click X to clear out the selected values.

Business Process: Picker UI Changes
Picker styles have been modified.

Business Process: Task Assignee Filter Enhancements
In workflow business processes, match the assignee filter results against AND, as well as OR, conditions.

Business Process: Filter Cc Assignees in a Workflow
Define filter conditions on Cc assignees in a workflow step regardless whether they are pre-assigned or user-select.

Document Manager: Enhanced Move Functionality
Move a file or folder in the Document Manager using the enhanced Move functionality. Use Move from the gear menu to move a single folder or file; use Move from the Actions menu to move multiple items. In previous versions, the move would be aborted if a file or folder with the same name existed in the destination folder, and the user is prompted to keep both files or revise with this enhancement.

System Jobs Enhancements: Company administrators can access system jobs data and modify the time zone to trigger jobs.

Unifier Mobile Application for iOS
Support for user-based locale and region formatting. The app is fully supported in the following twelve languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Spanish. - Users can now choose to work in the timezone of their device or the Unifier server when working from different locations. - Copy BP records and line items with or without attachments. - Support for split screen display on iPads. - Easily search the Documents hierarchy for files and folders. - When routing workflow records, expand and select users from the task assignee group as the next step assignees. - Support for conditional filtering of step assignees as per the workflow design.

Unifier Mobile Application for Android
Support for user-based locale and region formatting. The app is fully supported in the following twelve languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Spanish. - Users can now choose to work in the timezone of their device or the Unifier server when working from different locations. - Access, view, and save all Company and Project-level documents from the Documents tile on the Home screen. - Easily search the Documents hierarchy for files and folders. - When routing workflow records, expand and select users from the task assignee group as the next step assignees. - Support for conditional filtering of step assignees as per the workflow design. - Support for Text type BPs. - View the geo-location of projects and business process records.

Create custom financial periods to provide more flexibility in budget forecast and analysis.


Create folder, document, and log attribute forms for different projects to capture different metadata.

Create multiple log views in Administration mode for use in Document Manager.

Use the Preview gear menu option to preview files in different formats in the Attachments tab of redesigned business process forms.

At runtime, use the new Add to Group record property to group line items in categories.

New system-defined Portal landing page minimizes customization using HTML.

Unifier now supports the asynchronous upload of folders and files into Document Manager, allowing you to perform other operations in the application while the upload continues in the background.

Create workflow BP templates and records from templates using updated user interface and interactions.

Company administrators can see a combined license count and usage for company and partner users (labeled as standard users in terms of license) on the License Manager landing page.

The Summary Totals behavior now supports data elements uuu_spa_amt_tp (Amount this Period) and uuu_spa_qty_tp (Quantity this Period) when "Total the Cost Breakdown values to the line item" option is selected in uDesigner.

Right-side tabs in a BP form are enhanced: Attachments tab - Comments tab - Linked Records tab - Linked Mail tab

Portfolio Manager scenarios now display derived curves and monthly actuals from project cash flow.

View the new business process form design when creating records in the Document Manager.

Business process log and form UI enhancements are extended to support the Project/Shell Creation business process type.

Preferences available in the username list on the top navigation bar has been modernized.

Managing Personally Identifiable Information
Features have been added to Primavera Unifier that enable you to manage personally identifiable information (PII), including creating consent notices, auditing consent status, and controlling access to Unifier.


Rename a document in Document Manager (or Unpublished Documents), if the Name field (uuu_dm_node_name) in the document attribute form design has been changed from Read-Only to Editable (Required).

Restore a file in Document Manager to an older version along with comments and references associated with it.

In the Tasks and Business Process logs, drag and drop log views in the Manage Views dialog to quickly reorder them, instead of using the Move Up/Move Down gear menu options.

Dock the floating Search dialog to the right or the bottom of the log page using the toggle Dock Right/Dock Bottom icon.

View a graphical representation of the relationships of the base record with reference and linked records in the Referenced Records tab of a business process record.

CSV and Webservices now support the grouping of line items.

Cost business processes of sub-type, Line Item with CBS codes, and classification, Generic, and Transfer display the enhanced form interface.

View the enhanced interface in CBS Picker, Transaction Currency Picker, Work Package Picker, BPO Picker, and BPO Line Item Picker in cost business processes.

Use the toggle Collapse / Expand All Groups icon to collapse or expand line item groups in a business process form’s detail tab.

The support for financial periods is extended to Cash Flow by CBS, Summary CBS, and Commitment detail levels.

Introducing Earned Value Analysis module using schedule data, activities, and rates imported from P6 via Gateway to calculate earned value and related measures for a project – planned value, actual cost, variances, performance indices, and at completion values.


On the License Manager landing page, view an Earned Value Management block with gauge charts indicating license terms, current usage, and overage.

Create and run user-defined reports using permission-based data sources.

The referencing BP data-picker on the destination record displays a hyperlink pointing to the source record when a business process record is auto-created by way of a BP Creator, in the source record.

Project Mailbox has been converted to a parent node with Inbox as a child node. Additional email addresses you provide are available as folders below the default Inbox.

Schedule publishing of Unifier data to OBIEE is now every 4, 6, 8, or 12 hours.

Access to Consent Notice child nodes – User Consent and Bidder Consent – is now controlled by permissions. Modify and View permissions are available for each node in Access Control and other permission-related modules and templates.

Set permissions to control who can see company-wide business process data in Primavera Analytics. In Unifier, additional User Mode Access permissions are added to Company Workspace/Non-navigational Nodes/Analytics: View All Records; View All Company Records; and View All Shell Records.

In the Document Manager node, the redesigned Unpublished Documents folder displays similar layout and behavior as the Documents folder. You can expand or collapse all folders in Document Manager or all sub-folders at the same time.

Update attributes for already-published documents when the corresponding matching fields are updated in the related business process record. Updates occur when a record moves through the workflow, or when Submit is clicked in a non-workflow business process record based on design.

The Manage Views dialog in the Documents log has been enhanced like Tasks and business process logs. Drag and drop views to quickly reorder them, or move them to the Visible Views, Hidden Views, or Views Marked for Deletion section.

View the enhanced interface in Fund Detail, SOV Picker, Commit Picker, and Commit Line Item Picker in cost business processes.

Business process form redesign has been extended to the following additional cost business process types: Line Items with Fund Code: Generic, Transfer - Line Items with both CBS and Fund Codes: Generic, Transfer - Line Items with CBS Code: Base Commit (SOV type - General Spends), Change Commit (SOV type - General Spends), General Spends

In the Reference Records tab of a business process record, you can specify the number of referenced records to be displayed per node.

Company Workspace landing page has been enhanced by including hyperlinks for company information and enabling access to the company-level business process, tasks, and notification logs.


Unifier informs users about the use of session cookies in the application. The notification is displayed in a banner on the top of the Unifier page.

Upload (or drag-and-drop) a profile picture in the General tab of the User Preferences dialog to personalize the top navigation bar and user profile dialog.

You can add or modify partner users by using a CSV file. You can Export Structure to download the template as CSV. You can import the modified structure template, similar to importing company users.

Auto-fill Percentage Complete in Summary Payment Applications.

The Condition list in the Add Query Condition dialog provides the options of Exists or Does not exist to enable you to configure the query conditions for string attributes of a data picker.

User restrictions for viewing, or editing, cost sheet columns have been reduced.

The cost sheet rules to include the pending positive values (in the limit expression and the pending negative values in the data expression calculations of the Rules engine have been reduced.

Earned Value Management Enhancements
Master Rate Sheet: During synchronization, the Master Rate Sheet now captures Resource type (Material, Labor, Non-Labor, etc.) from P6.
Activity Sheet: On the Actions Menu of the Activity Sheet, use Assign CBS to assign a cost code to multiple activities (and their assignments).
Activity Picker: Use the Activity Picker in BP forms to select activities from multiple P6 projects in the Activity Sheet.
Performance Percentage Completion Sheet: Update data dates and corresponding percent complete values in the Performance Percentage Complete Sheet.

Several company-level cost business processes display the redesigned user interface.

Report on user type (uuu_user_type) via User-Defined Reports (UDR) and System Reports.

Generic Cost Attributes Picker, Commitment Summary Line Item Picker, Account Code Picker, and Seasonal Dates Picker are now equipped with the modernized user interface, consistent with other pickers.

Tasks, Drafts, Notifications, and all Mailbox logs have been provided with the enhanced Manage Views dialog.

The Attachments tab in a redesigned business process form has been further enhanced when previewing or reviewing an attachment.

Unifier 18.4 iOS Mobile App
-Consent notices and cookies notification to improve data privacy.
-Honoring of User Type when accessed via app.
-Usability improvements to support scanning bar codes in low light conditions and easier configuration of BP tiles.

Integration user type has been introduced to execute REST integration services for modules.


Review documents in the Documents log in the same way as in business process logs.

Unifier includes the uploaded profile picture before the user name in the User Picker and in the Users section of the User and Group Picker.

Type Ahead feature has been introduced in pickers.

The Unifier user interface (the top navigation) has been rearranged.

The View User Profile dialog, accessed from a user picker with multiple users, has been enhanced.

Earned Value Management
-Define rates in resource currency.
-Differentiate between custom data imported by way of CSV file and data integrated from P6 in the Performance Percentage Completion sheet.
-Earned Value Analysis data structure tables are now available in the ER Views node in the Company Workspace Admin mode.

Redesign of business process forms has been extended to:
-Document type Without Folder Structure business process
-Request for Bid (RFB) type business process

When adding comments in the record or line items in tabs, Unifier displays an alert for the unsaved changes.

In the business process log, the Edit Permissions and Transfer Ownership dialogs have been enhanced.

In the Document Manager Log, tabs have been refined.

The Manage Views dialog, in all Unifier, has been revamped to improve user interaction.

In a business process record, you can link mail records from different folders of Project Mailbox.

When you run a user-defined report (UDR) using Document Manager Data Sources, the data retrieved is based on your permissions.

When configured, both summary and costed lines of a Summary Payment Applications record are auto-populated from corresponding fields of the source Base Commits.

Cloud administrators can inform Unifier end-users about scheduled maintenance and outages for Unifier servers hosted in the cloud.

Starting with Unifier 18.8, Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM) is no longer supported.


The shell landing page (My Dashboard) has a new look with improved usability. The Summary tab displays three standard tiles – Tasks, Notifications, and Mail with items requiring your attention, and three standard blocks – Image, Details, and Links.

Configuration Installation Files will be replaced with Configuration Packages, and the released Base Configuration Packages will be available on My Oracle Support:
- Project Controls
- Facilities and Asset Management
- Combined Package (Project Controls and Facilities and Asset Management)
Note: This setup does not apply to existing customers.

Business process forms of the following types have redesigned UI.
- Document with Folder Structure
- Lease log
- Preventive Maintenance

Change User Defined Report (UDR) owner: The owners and users who have full access permission can now change the UDR owner’s and user’s name.

Document Manager enhancements
- Folder and Document Properties
- Document Logs (Standard View)
- Folder and Document Attributes

Earned Value enhancements
- Earned Value Analysis log has new toolbar options
- Activity Sheet

Space Manager has a modernized user interface.

Exchange Rates with effective dates in the past are now available.

Schedule Manager: Disable automatic re-scheduling within Unifier Schedule and integrate Activities (with their dependencies) with the same schedule that exists in P6 and MPP. Also, you can manually schedule activities in Unifier Schedule Sheet.