Emerald Custom Primavera Training In Chad Africa

Many of you know that Emerald works with clients all over North America, but you may not know that we travel all over the world to destinations as far away as Chad, Africa. Ivan De La Fuente, Implementation Specialist at Emerald Associates, has landed in Chad to commence some internal Primavera P6 custom training and we were lucky enough to get an update from him after his long journey.




Ivan writes:

"Finally, after two days and 25 hours in a plane we arrived in Chad. The trip was long to say the least, over 15,000 km travelled with stops at 5 different airports on 3 different continents! I felt joy and relief until I got my first surprise of the trip, I may have arrived in Chad but my luggage hadn't! So I've got the clothes on my back and off I go.

New Video Release - CAPPS

Emerald is pleased to announce that we have released three new videos of our CAPPS tool - Capital Projects Progressing System. If you need a simple way to get updates from your extended project team, these videos are worth seeing. The first video gives an overview of the tool and its easy-to-use interface. The following two videos in the playlist are use cases for engineers and for site progressing. For more information please visit our product page.




New Release: P6 Loader 2.0

A First-Hand Account From Emerald's CEO - Nicole Jardin

Our P6 loader 2.0 has had enhancements added over the last 6 months generated primarily from the need for fast and effective solutions during a P6 rollout. Over the summer we worked with a client in Southern California, helping them with process improvements for Primavera P6 8.2.

We helped improve their EPS and their OBS to enhance security and developed a more formal security model for the whole IT organization, crossing global and project level security settings and license controls. To do this manually in the development environment and then re-do it manually in the production environment would have taken in the range of 5-10 working days at a minimum. With the loading and extracting functionality of the P6 Loader, we literally were able to shrink this iterative effort down by a minimum of 80%, significantly reducing the amount of time charged to the client. 

With the P6 Loader we were able to attend a morning meeting and make the client requested changes by lunchtime, enabling them to review the changes by the afternoon meeting. The amount of work we could accomplish in one day was incredible. We were able to efficiently work through different coding structures, clean up resource dictionaries and rearrange the team members departments and role teams, project settings standardization and WBS structures. As a result, we helped the client team keep momentum on the project because we were able to translate their ideas into reality almost instantaneously.

Another advantage we found was the small amount of time it took to move changes from development to production. We conducted user training on Thursday afternoon and by the time the team made it back to their offices, the necessary changes were in the production environment ready for them. No loss of the knowledge transfer.

With the new release of the P6 Loader the flexibility and speed of delivery we were able to achieve for this Cancer Hospital in their P6 revamp has revolutionized the way Emerald approaches a P6 rollout. It has even changed the way we approach our managed support and hosted clients. From this point on we do not go to any client without it. 

Primavera Unifier New Release 9.14

New Features and Enhancements

  • Custom PDF Print Layout for Cost Controls and Project Delivery Management Processes.

  • Custom Oracle BI Publisher reports for Cost Controls and Project Delivery Management Processes.

  • Query Tabs for Contracts, Purchase, Vendors and Blanket Purchase Orders business processes. Query Tabs will allow users to display information from a referencing business process. To find out more please review one of our latest blog posts on the "How To Use Unifier Query Tabs".

  • New general and step-specific help files for the Cost Control module covering all Cost Control business processes.

  • New Asset data picker incorporated in the Preventive Maintenance Book business process that carries over source asset information when a record is auto-created.

  • System-defined summary curve in automatically includes new cash flow curves (when roll-up status is engaged) which was a manual process in the Cash Flow Module version 9.13.

  • New filter options for summary curves and detail curves in the Cash Flow module.

  • Updated Unifier Mobile interface (No functional changes).

Oracle OpenWorld 2013


Project Management Solutions that deliver results

In addition to implemeting, customizing, integrating and training on the complete Oracle Primavera product line, Emerald seperates itself from the competition with our own world class software development team. Emerald had a wonderful time discussing the latest and greatest solutions from Oracle at OpenWorld and were happy to share the tools and enhancements Emerald created to go along with them. 

Below you can explore some of Emerald's innovative product line that allows us to accomodate our client's requirements and surpass their expectations. If you would like to see these products in action please visit our YouTube channel



  • prima-in-a-box

    Emerald's Primavera in-a-box with the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is an engineered plug and play system that combines hardware, software, database and network into a single unit, removing the time and energy necessary for deployment and maintenance.

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  • P6-Loader-48

    A web-based automation tool that allows users to load and extract data from Primavera P6 and Microsoft Excel. Updating processes and cleanup efforts have never been faster or easier with Emerald's P6 Loader. 

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  • PCM Loader Logo

    A web-based automation tool that allows users to load data from Microsoft Excel into Primavera Contract Management with the click of a mouse.

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  • Logo - PCM to Unifier Migrator   

    Are you making the move from Primavera Contract Management to Unifier? If so the PCM to Unifier Migrator is what you need to save the time and energy associated with a manual transfer. With the PCM to Unifier Mirgrator transfer live and historical data in one simple click.  

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  • PCM Archiver
    Over time your Primavera Contract Management database can get cluttered with old projects. The PCM archiver is a web application tool that saves a copy of all project documents and attachments into a ZIP file for safe keeping, giving you peace of mind that no important data will be lost when cleaning up or deleting projects on your database.

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  • EP-dashboard

    This data visualization tool delivers true centralized reporting by gathering data in real-time from multiple enterprise systems. This tool features advanced graphing options and has role-base configuration to help clients secure their data.

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  • EP-datawarehouse Logo
    A powerful reporting database that can provide unparalleled reporting capabilities when combined with our EP-dashboard reporting tool. Centralize all of your project data and securely report in real-time.

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  • TAPS
    The Turnaround Progressing System (TAPS), a barcode-based Primavera P6 updating solution, increases your accuracy and cuts P6 statusing time by 75%.

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  • EAI.CAPPS.160
    Capital Project Progressing System (CAPPS) is a secure P6 updating tool that allows non-schedulers access to P6 activities and resource usage information from outside of P6. With our CAPPS tool status updates are quicker, easier and more accurate.

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