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Primavera Success Stories:
Cost and Schedule Performance


Leading Oil Company building an Ethanol plant in Saskatchewan, Canada


The conventional way of measuring Earned Value is on deliverables and activities. The client, however, needed to measure Cost and Schedule Performance of the Departments/Disciplines from which the resources were recruited rather than from the deliverables that were being produced.

Time-sheeting was done at the level of the department/discipline rather than at the activity/deliverable level.

Both these factors put together made it difficult to determine reasonable and accurate cost & schedule performance figures.

Emerald’s solution

Oracle Primavera P6 facilitates the creation and use of very comprehensive coding structures for Projects, Resources, Activities and Cost Accounts. Emerald exploited this feature and the “Global Change” features of P6 to calculate Earned Value and Planned Value by department/discipline and were able to provide the client with usable metrics.

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