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IMMPOWER to Primavera P6


IMMPOWER is a strong EAM tool but many large organizations want a more enterprise streamlined approach to project planning. When your organization wants to migrate to Primavera P6, many plants are afraid that key historical data will be lost in the transition. The data in IMMPOWER will need to be migrated into the new software efficiently and accurately, without manual entries.


Emerald Associates developed a conversion program that enables automatic migration of historical job plans from IMMPOWER into Primavera P6. The client simply sends their IMMPOWER files to Emerald and we use the conversion tool to migrate data into Primavera. This includes conversion of all the libraries, projects and reports. The conversion program remaps the ADM (Arrow Diagramming Method) to PDM (Precedence Diagramming Method), creates resources, codes, etc. We then review the conversion log and validate the results of the conversion. Finally the projects are sent to the client in the Primavera format, ready to be imported.

Additionally, Emerald has created customized turnaround training that explains the similarities and differences between IMMPOWER and P6. This helps employees to become familiar with Primavera faster. Another important benefit is that all the logic is migrated to Primavera accurately.



Efficient data migration at a flat price per conversion allows you to know exactly what to expect. Instead of spending a week doing laborious data entry, you’ll get accurate data conversions in a day.

Emerald’s Experience

Emerald has converted over 250 IMMPOWER projects from 10 plants around the world. Our typical turnaround time is less than three days per project once some initial setup in P6 is achieved.

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