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Drilling Program Management System


The Oil and Gas Exploration and Development industry has many software packages tailored to managing different aspects of the drilling life cycle. These applications excel at managing the information representing their portion of the life cycle, but they are generally isolated, making it difficult to aggregate information related to the planning, execution, and performance of individual wells in a timely fashion (or at all). There are no systems in place to present to decision makers a clear picture of how the drilling process for their wells is proceeding. This results in an inability to effectively plan resources such as rigs. It is also difficult to get a clear picture of how actual production for a well over time compares to what was forecast. This prevents the feedback loop from closing, making future strategic planning more difficult.


Emerald Associates implemented Primavera P3e, an enterprise planning and scheduling tool, to represent the drilling program. Each well became a project in P3e. Emerald wrote integrations to pull data from commercial software packages AFE Navigator, Siteview, Wellview, PVR, Qbyte, and JDE, as well as in-house software packages written and maintained by clients, and aggregate all of the information related to a particular well to a Primavera project representing the well. This created a consolidated view of each well from planning, through execution and into production.


Primavera provides a clear picture of each well that is updated daily from the source systems. Project team communication is enhanced, as each team member can view the wells in Primavera and see the current status. Resource curves in Primavera visually present the difference between forecast and actual production. Decision makers can easily create "What-If?" scenario projects to aid them in determining which opportunities they can exploit most effectively.

Emerald’s Experience

Emerald Associates has deployed this application for British Petroleum at their refinery in Carson, California.

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