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Diagnosis Of Portfolio Health For Project Executives

1 Day Course

Target Audience

Frequently something seems wrong in your portfolio of projects but it is difficult to identify. Reports seem to paint a picture that does not reflect reality. The responsible executive needs to identify reporting weaknesses, spot potential trouble and drill down into it with appropriate questions. However, this process often meets barriers of opaque technical vocabulary and jargon that frustrate the effort. This course is designed to respond to that need.

The Program

The problem is not usually the lack of data but rather a tsunami of data that tends to obscure rather than enlighten about the health of your portfolio of projects. Often the reports look very credible but, under the surface, the validity of the data is frequently doubtful. The jargon associated with the various analyses makes it difficult for a Manager to get to the truth.

We look at ‘reading between the lines’ of cost, resources, and schedule reporting. Keeping to the essentials, we ask,’ will I meet my targets of cost, and time without quality, safety & environmental issues?’ and, ‘am I being sand-bagged?’ This course gives you the skills that your team might wish you did not have.

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