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Enterprise Risk Management To International Standards

2 Day Course

Target Audience

This course is targeted at executive management and their staff or delegates who have enterprise oversight or enterprise risk audit responsibilities. The course teaches how to setup and implement Enterprise Risk Management to international standards.

The Program

Opportunities, risks and uncertainties permeate every aspect of an enterprise; health and safety, acts of God, market, financial, regulatory, political, IT projects and other initiatives. The ability to manage this wide spectrum is a measure of the quality of corporate governance. After many false starts a new international standard has been drawn up, ISO 31000:2009, and it is against that that your enterprise will be judged, whether you wish it or not.

This course will show you how to build an enterprise risk management (ERM) structure that will bring real value and meet ISO 31000:2009 requirements. It is in two parts, Basic Theory and Application of that theory to implementation of ERM.

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