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Managing Opportunity and Risk In Your Project Portfolio:
Fluff Or Substance?

1 Day Course

Target Audience

This course is targeted at senior project managers their staff or delegates who have project portfolio responsibilities. It addresses the process of evaluation of opportunities and risks in the portfolio and the best way to manage them. It enables mangers decisions while cutting through the technical jargon.

The Program

Opportunities, risks and uncertainties exist in every type of project, be it research programs, clinical trials, capital and maintenance, business re-engineering, IT, software and other initiatives. The ability to manage them is a key challenge to the manager who has not had hands-on experience of the various processes involved. The jargon associated with the tools and analysis of probability reports can be a formidable barrier which often makes a manager feel controlled by those who report to him. This course’s aim is to give you an understanding of the processes and the ability to read and draw meaning from the reports. It will show you where the weaknesses are and how to overcome them. You will be able to ask the pertinent questions and understand the answers. The course moves you from controlled to controlling.

After this course you will be in a position to decide whether or not to initiate Opportunity and Risk Management for your Portfolio. You will be able to evaluate the risk reports and make judgements on their validity. You will know how to optimise your portfolio's position.

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