Oracle Exadata Database Machine

Oracle Exadata X5 is a complete, ready-to-deploy engineered system for demanding workloads


  • The highest-performing and lowest-cost platform for running Oracle Database

  • Optimize datacenter costs by reducing complexity and maintenance resources

  • Unique software and protocols enable fastest and most efficient OLTP, Analytics, and Consolidation

  • Delivered integrated, optimized, automated, and supported end-to-end to reduce operations costs



  • Oracle Exadata X5 is an engineered system for demanding workloads that saves power, floor space and integration costs while providing the highest-performing and most-available platform for running Oracle Database. With virtualization and unique software innovations included in the price, it’s significantly more cost-effective than competitor products while outclassing them on performance. Elastic configurations let you add capacity as you grow and tailor the solution to specific workloads.

    Oracle Exadata Database Machine components include:


    • Scale-Out 2-Socket Database Servers
      • Fastest x86 compute processors 
      • Largest 2-socket memory capacity


    • High-Capacity Unified InfiniBand Internal Fabric


    • Scale-Out Intelligent 2-Socket Storage Servers
      • Database offload to x86 storage chips accelerates analytics
        • Optimize for capacity with great performance using smart tiering of Disk and Flash 
        • Optimize for I/O efficiency with all flash
    Oracle Exadata Database Machine