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Oracle Exadata Database Machine

Oracle Exadata X5 is a complete, ready-to-deploy engineered system for demanding workloads

Oracle Exadata X5 is an engineered system for demanding workloads that saves power, floor space and integration costs while providing the highest-performing and most-available platform for running Oracle Database. With virtualization and unique software innovations included in the price, it’s significantly more cost-effective than competitor products while outclassing them on performance. Elastic configurations let you add capacity as you grow and tailor the solution to specific workloads.

  • The highest-performing and lowest-cost platform for running Oracle Database
  • Optimize datacenter costs by reducing complexity and maintenance resources
  • Unique software and protocols enable fastest and most efficient OLTP, Analytics, and Consolidation
  • Delivered integrated, optimized, automated, and supported end-to-end to reduce operations costs

Oracle Exadata Database Machine Components

  • Scale-Out 2-Socket Database Servers
    • Fastest x86 compute processors
    • Largest 2-socket memory capacity
  • High-Capacity Unified InfiniBand Internal Fabric
  • Scale-Out Intelligent 2-Socket Storage Servers
    • Database offload to x86 storage chips accelerates analytics
      • Optimize for capacity with great performance using smart tiering of Disk and Flash
      • Optimize for I/O efficiency with all flash
Oracle Exadata Database Machine

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