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A manufacturing company required a quick and automated way to integrate data from their MRP system to projects within Primavera Project Management (PM) and Contract Management (CM). They also required an automated way to update resource assignment units on multiple activities within each PM project.


Our solution consisted of two parts.

  1. First we developed a Java Application that used an xml data file exported from our client’s MRP system to create new projects within Primavera PM and CM based on specified project templates. The application also updated the settings within the newly created projects with values specified in the XML data file.
  2. Secondly we created a custom web portlet to plug into each PM Project that allows users to update resource assignment units across different activities within a project.


By automating the process of creating and populating data within new projects within Project Management and Contract Management, we save Stevens Industries a significant amount of time that would be required to create these projects manually. Also by automating this process rather than letting the user enter data manually, the likelihood of errors from incorrect user input is decreased substantially.

Emerald’s Experience

This project was implemented at Stevens Industries, a leading manufacturer of building products.

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