PCM-Archiver Used to Archive Client Data

Learn how the PCM-Archiver helped client extract data out of PCM

PCM-Archiver Used to Archive Client Data

Bank in Kuwait used PCM-Archiver to extract all record data, attachments, and PDFs from PCM

Written by Dan MacMillan

Client Overview

Client is the largest financial institution in Kuwait. Their Primavera Contract Management server needed to be taken offline, so PCM-Archiver was used to archive the data.


  • Primavera Contract Management server must be taken offline, as it's been unsupported for years and presents an unacceptable security risk, but it has information that must be kept.

  • The client has specific requirements for the naming conventions of the extracted documents.

  • Information was still being added to Primavera Contract Management while some projects were being closed out.


  • PCM-Archiver extracted all record data, attachments, and PDFs of the default form into an archive location on the filesystem that doesn't need Primavera Contract Management, or any other special software, to access.

  • PCM-Archiver has a very flexible naming engine that was configured to use the names wanted by the client.

  • An incremental mode was added to PCM-Archiver that would allow archiving new documents only to accommodate the ongoing projects.

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