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Integrated E-Business EAM to P6 for Multi-Plant Resource Scheduling

Oracle E-Business EAM Integration to P6

Global Production Management with P6

Written by Nicole Jardin

Client Overview

As Canada's largest potash mining organization with over 20 mines in North America, managing global production supply is critical. Planning daily production, weekly short outages and monthly maintenance days while implementing larger capital projects and major shutdowns is very challenging. Using spreadsheets and lists was not working particularly well for production planning and productivity analysis in real time.


  • Consistent coordination of Shutdowns and Capital Projects in short work windows while maintaining production and productivity forecasting

  • Detailed scope planning and resource planning across underground and above ground skilled resources

  • Easy updating, forecasting and realtime earned value analysis during the shutdown work and contractor productivity


  • Realtime updates from Oracle E-Business EAM into P6 for Projects, Work Orders, Tasks and Resources allowing for easier plan development for maintenance work, mini-outage work, turnaround work windows and capital programs across several plants

  • Implemented within 6 months including dev, test, QA, and production. P6-Loader was used to move the P6 coding structures, EPS, OBS, codes, UDFs, and resources in a matter of minutes and to maintain these environments.

  • Better analysis of planned resource requirements, spending planning and timeframes across the capital programs throughout the plants

  • Improved delivery on outage deadlines, timeframes and what-if capability particularly related to managing production capacity across the plants

  • Better understanding of mining equipment and productivity rates for improved forecasting. Reduced effort to build the schedules, allowing better management of the short 1-2 power outage windows.

  • P6-Calculator ensured auto-archiving of the projects and work orders to keep the P6 database clean and manageable and to produce rollup data for resources and flagging of integration changes

AVEVA->P6 Engineering Document Integration

We integrated Aveva with P6 to drastically reduce the time our client spent updating their capital projects

Simplifying Engineering Updates

Written by Nicole Jardin

Client Overview

One of Canada's many potash companies runs all their capital projects with P6. With one scheduler on the team, it is difficult to keep up with the dozens of projects on the go to ensure monthly reporting is accurate.


  • Updating some 20+ projects in P6 was time consuming at the end of each month

  • Mid-month reporting was not easy to do without spending extra hours to get all the updates into P6

  • Going over the updates with the extended team took a lot of coordination to schedule with so many people with different schedules


  • Integrated documents statuses from Aveva

  • Templated the different task types and package types with preset calculation methods

  • Documents planned, in progress, completed, deleted

  • Set the start dates of tasks in progress, updated the percent completes and flagged changes to the tasks

  • Updated the resources - actual labor units