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Oracle Primavera Cloud - Ideas and Evaluation Functionality

The Ideas functionality in Oracle Primavera Cloud (OPC) allows for the submission of ideas which are then tracked, processed and evaluated. This assists with selection from the submissions, ideas to accept and potentially implement as projects. Each idea is registered, submitted, and then the idea is displayed in the Idea List.

Submitted ideas are initially processed and evaluated by idea routers. Routers are individuals responsible for screening submitted ideas; they may delete an idea or reject an idea by providing a reason for the rejection. If a submitted idea is ready for further processing, the router assigns an idea owner. The idea owner performs further idea evaluation and decides whether the idea should be accepted or rejected.

If an idea is accepted, your organization can begin to work on implementing the idea. Acceptance can be withdrawn later. A rejected idea is considered infeasible by the assigned idea owner, but that idea can be opened for reconsideration later.

Primavera Cloud enables you to identify ideas worth accepting and potentially implementing as projects. Employees and contractors can submit new ideas for organizational goals or improvements, and then the appropriate users make decisions to progress the idea through the designated idea workflow. OPC ideas provide functionality for idea processing and analysis, including evaluation categories and an investor map that enable owners to make high-level quantitative comparisons between submitted ideas.

The idea added to the idea list below has been submitted. The router can now review the idea.

The idea is moving forward so an owner is assigned. The applicable values are assigned from the Evaluation Criteria. The criteria are initially set up in the applicable workspace.

The Testing workspace has the evaluation categories below available. Ranks are assigned which produce an overall evaluation score. Evaluation categories and ranks are customizable to your specific requirements in OPC.

The Related Items app in Idea Home allows linking between similar ideas and projects. All links for the open idea are displayed. Links are organized by ideas and projects.

Linking ideas allows tracking of similar or duplicate ideas. Linked ideas will show up on the Related Items List for both ideas, while unlinked ideas will disappear from the Related Items List for both ideas.

Keep track of projects that are similar to an idea by linking the project to the idea. Project proposals that are created using the default workflow are automatically linked to the ideas that they were created from. These links cannot be removed.

Use the Ideas functionality in OPC to track Ideas, their evaluation and progress. This functionality is valuable to ensure Ideas do not get missed and as a reference to review progress at any time.
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