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P6-QA Helped Critique Large P6 Schedule

P6-QA helped to quickly review and critique a 600 million dollar project schedule

P6-QA Helped Critique Large P6 Schedule

Identified Leads, Lags, and Constraints in a P6 Schedule

Client Overview

When running a large, multi-use building project in the middle of New York City, planning and scheduling is not a nice to have. As a specialty developer, having a P6 scheduling expert is a luxury the project could not afford. So P6-QA SaaS was a great fit for a quick review and critique of the 600 million dollar project schedule.


  • Reviewing an 8,000+ activity schedule when you do not have a P6 scheduling export on the team

  • Giving critique on the critical path and the project workflow by discipline

  • Understanding the real gaps in the schedule and how to discuss the improvements needed in an intelligent manner


  • In less than 2 hours, the P6-QA tool ran and gave the open ends

  • In less than 2 hours, P6-QA helped with the explanation and write-up of the critical path

  • Identified leads, lags, and constraints and reported on them in minutes

  • The coding structure required to see the disciplines and key building areas tied to major project turnover milestones for the retail space, the hotel space, and the condominium towers was achieved with little pre-knowledge of the project

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