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PCM-Archiver Saved 7 Years of Server Maintenance

Learn how the PCM-Archiver helped client extract data out of PCM

PCM-Archiver Saved 7 Years of Server Maintenance

In a few weeks, all data was moved to a shared cloud

Written by Nicole Jardin

Client Overview

Client is a large contractor that used PCM for many years. They have an old server with projects still on it that they wanted to decommission, so they reached out to get PCM-Archiver SaaS to extract these projects and put them into their cloud storage for the required 7 year financial auditing requirements.


  • Have old projects in PCM that need to stay live for 7 years for financial auditing

  • Have not used the server for a few years and cannot remember how to use it

  • Want to keep data more readily available


  • After a few technical challenges to start, we were able to archive all the projects in one day

  • Team can easily access information - no need to be a PCM Expert

  • Can put the files into the cloud common repository

  • They were able to turn off an old Windows server

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