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PCM-Archiver Saved Client Hours of Manual Work

Learn how the PCM-Archiver helped a client with PCM data extraction.

PCM-Archiver Saved Client Hours of Manual Work

PCM-Archiver Extracted Project Documents from PCM in Days Rather Than Weeks

Client Overview

Client used Primavera Contract Management on several large, multi-year transportation projects with the Department of Transportation of Connecticut. Part of the contract deliverables was all the project documentation.


  • Delivering the project paperwork to the client was a contract commitment and needed to be performed

  • Extracting all the project documents from PCM would take weeks to do manually

  • Thousands of documents were in each project


  • Had to work through a few field size issues on the extracts and clashing with Windows limitations

  • Extracted thousands of documents in a few days

  • Delivered a complete zip package to the client that does not depend on any specific software

  • Created a new form in PCM to include some important information that was excluded from the existing forms.

  • Restored customer data into a PCM environment constructed specifically for archiving as the client's environment was offline and could not be recovered.

  • Modified PCM Archiver to include Letters.

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