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PCM-Archiver Used Before Decommissioning Server

Learn how the PCM-Archiver was used to archive projects

PCM-Archiver Used Before Decommissioning Server

Southern U.S. City Used PCM-Archiver to Archive Projects Before Decommissioning Their PCM Server

Written by Dan MacMillan

Client Overview

Client is a capital city of a southern U.S. state.


  • The project team needed to archive dozens of projects with large numbers of documents and attachments.

  • The team was not using PCM actively anymore, but they needed to get the documents and attachments into a place they could retrieve them to follow their legal obligations

  • The IT team had the PCM server on the high risk for cyberattack vulnerabilities due to the old Java version PCM needed to run on.


  • Emerald provided the PCM-Archiver and assisted in getting it setup.

  • We had some challenges with large projects crashing and hanging up, but Emerald improved the program to overcome these issues

  • All the projects have been archived, and we have decommissioned the old PCM server.

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