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TAPS for Suncor Energy

Updating schedules is a crucial part of any successful business, but that doesn't mean it isn't a frustrating task. Manually entering data can be exhausting and mind-numbing, not to mention costly and just very time-consuming all-around. When Suncor Energy approached Emerald Associates, desperate for some kind of alternative to the dreaded task of updating schedules, we were happy to help.

For Suncor, manually updating schedules was just not working. It was too slow and not nearly accurate enough to suit their needs. That's where TAPS came in.

What is TAPS?

TAPS (Turnaround Progressing System) is a companion program to Primavera P6. TAPS utilizes bar code scanning technology that uploads all of the crucial data in two quick scans, saving teams time from having to perform manual data entry. Not only is it faster and simpler, but the data is also more accurate . The program can catch crucial information that might slip by when done by hand, creating a more complete assessment than if it had been done manually. This increased accuracy, combined with the sizable decrease in the time needed to enter the data, means that TAPS is also a great way to cut back on costs.

Our Client Satisfaction

Suncor found that once they started using TAPS, they didn't have to hire nearly as many schedulers. Instead, they could hand over the responsibility to their entry clerks and foremen, which gave the company a huge increase in available spending money. This was possible because of how simple and flexible TAPS is, making it the perfect tool no matter who is working with it.

Suncor's two largest refineries, Denver and Fort McMurray, have reassigned the task of updating their tens of thousands of activities to their foremen. The foremen are now spending less than a half an hour updating their respective activities at the end of their shifts, leaving Suncor's schedulers more time to analyze and report on progress.

Emerald installed TAPS for Suncor back in 2010, and they have been using it ever since. The initial cost of the project is estimated to have paid for itself within the first 6 months of its implementation. In fact, when Suncor was asked to upgrade to a more modern version of Primavera P6, they refused to get the upgrade unless TAPS was guaranteed to be a part of it.

Client Quote

“We have used this system for progressing Primavera scheduled activities for 3 turnarounds now and everyone who has used it for updating is most favorably impressed with the speed and accuracy achieved [with TAPS]. What used to take an experienced user 1 ½ hours to 2 hours to update manually can now be done in ½ an hour to ¾ of an hour and can be done accurately by a less experienced user.”
- Lead TA and Construction Scheduler, Suncor Energy
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