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Automating Multi-Currency Estimate Development and Forecasting in Primavera P6 with P6-Calculator

Learn how P6-Calculator helped a client with automations and streamlining of processes

P6-Calculator made for easier forecasting

Client Overview

Client is a large contractor in the Philippines who deals with projects in many countries and many industries. The amount of data that is needed as a large contractor can be daunting without automations and streamlining of processes.


  • Gathering field data for progress to date and forecasting remaining to complete amounts

  • Working in multiple currencies with clients in many countries

  • Simplifying schedule development and calculations from budgets


  • Deployed P6-Calculator to assist with resource rates varying by project since P6 does not allow more than 5 different rates

  • P6-Calculator allowed for different taxes, overhead and profits per resource for more flexibility in cost calculation

  • Calculated values in multiple currencies for better transparency

  • Complex calculations of budgets versus actuals and percent completes for easier forecasting in the field

P6-Loader Used to Help Cleanup Old Versions of P6 Before an Upgrade

Learn how Emerald Associates helped a client upgrade from P6 v16 to v21

P6 upgraded without any interruptions in service

Client Overview

Client is one of the largest midstream oil and gas operators in Canada. The company services oil and gas producers in Western Canada and transports natural gas liquids to markets throughout North America.


  • Upgrade P6 from version 16 to version 21 without any interruptions in service

  • Get all machines upgraded and deploy P6 so it can be worked on remotely as-needed without a loss of performance


  • Deploy a test server for version 21

  • Migrate project data into the new version 21 server

  • Use P6-Loader to help cleanup old versions

P6-Loader Helped Client with Loading Data and P6 Cleanup

Learn how P6-Loader helped client cleanup their P6 environment

Philippine contractor uses P6-Loader to load from estimating into Primavera P6

Client Overview

Client is a large contractor in the Philippines. They wanted to be able to manage costs once a project was won, so a consistent coding structure across estimating, scheduling, cost controls and accounting was critical. However, the level of detail that each works with can vary greatly. Having a clear way of working all these systems together in an integrated manner can save a lot of time and money to the contractor and enhance their bottom line.


  • Building a consistent structure for all costing to be done from estimating to accounting

  • Consistent resources, expenses, and cost accounts to ensure matching across the different project data and for ongoing performance measurement

  • Ongoing loading from estimating into Primavera P6 via Excel to speed up the process for project controls


  • Reworked master P6 resource dictionary to cleanup labour, equipment and material resources for standardization

  • Ongoing loading from estimating for task level resources and expenses to bring a consistent and repeatable approach to estimating

  • Cleanup of activity coding to ensure phase, area, and discipline type reporting could be done with ease

  • Multi-currency development and data tracking using P6-Loader

P6-Loader Used for Project Cleanup

Learn how Emerald helped a client clean up and upgrade their Primavera P6 database before moving to the Cloud.

Client moved from P6v16 on-premise to P6 v22 in the Cloud

Client Overview

Client is a worldwide supplier of products and services to the global power generation and gas production industry and is based in Calgary, Alberta.


  • Clean up and upgrade Primavera P6 database from P6 v16 on-premise to P6 v22 in the Cloud.

  • Additionally, a standalone database was identified to be incorporated in the upgrade.


  • The agreed database clean up and incorporation of the second database was carried out. The database was then upgraded and loaded to the cloud.

  • In addition to the clean-up and upgrade, training on the new version of P6 was presented.

  • Emerald used P6-Loader as a service to identify activity codes and UDFs currently not assigned to any activity IDs to facilitate dictionary cleanup.

  • The P6-Loader was also used to move schedule files and reformat EPS and OBS structure.

From Our Customer

Emerald was an excellent partner on our project. Would look forward to working with them again.

Mervyn Brice - IT Project Manager

P6 Upgrade, Implementation and EAI Tools

Learn how a client's P6 experience was improved with training, implementation, and EAI tools.

Emerald tools added enhanced functionality and efficiency

Client Overview

Client provides marine-related services to the Pacific Northwest. Within the group are three shipyards, an intermodal ferry and car float business, and also a tug and barge transportation company that serves both domestic and international markets.


  • With the implementation of an integrated PMO System, they requested assistance as to best practices in the usage of P6.

  • Needed a better scheduling and project management reporting process.

  • Needed to upgrade their Primavera P6 to a new version and clean up their database.


  • Emerald created additional databases in the hosted environment to add an archive and sandbox environment.

  • Emerald assisted with creation of a security structure to ease user access management.

  • Emerald worked with their team to address taking advantage of P6 coding, UDFs, and WBS structures for best reporting and EV results.

  • Emerald upgraded P6 and presented P6 training.

  • P6-Loader, P6-Auditor & EP-datawarehouse (now P6-Reporter) were added to the tools available to P6 users for enhanced functionality and efficiency.

P6-Loader Used to Create a P6 Schedule

Learn how Emerald helped an oil refinery prepare for a turnaround using Primavera P6

Refinery used P6-Loader to create a P6 schedule prior to a turnaround starting

Client Overview

The client is one of the largest refineries in Canada. They were using CASP as their project management solution for their turnaround (TA). They moved to P6 EPPM six months before their TA and needed to get the historical data from CASP into P6 without delay while getting the team up-to-speed on P6.


  • Previous turnarounds did not finish on time and on budget and were hard to manage.

  • They had more than 1000 work packages planned, but they were in Excel or on paper.

  • They had no schedulers familiar with P6.

  • Time was short - Emerald was put on the project only 6 months before the turnaround was starting.


  • Emerald sent two implementation specialists four months before the TA started. They set up P6 and created a resource-loaded CPM schedule.

  • Used P6-Loader to automate grabbing simple Work Order, Task, and Resource sheets from Excel to create the P6 schedule. More packages were being developed and loaded right throughout the turnaround.

  • A full critical path schedule was built, resource leveling was developed, and reporting and metrics were standardized.

  • Emerald helped run their three subsequent TAs.

  • Utilized TAPS for updating progress of the activities.

TAPS Rolled Out at Oil Refinery

Learn how TAPS helped with a successful turnaround

Refinery used TAPS to run a successful turnaround

Client Overview

Client is one of Canada's largest oil refineries and a major supplier of Canada's fuel. The complex completed a $2.9 billion upgrade project (2012) that increased operations up to 145,000 barrels per day.


  • Running large turnarounds without needing to increase staff.


  • Successfully ran a $60M turnaround.

  • Gave them more time to focus on analyzing the schedule.

  • Less licenses of Primavera were required for updating progress.

  • They didn’t require a scheduler for updating progress and were able to use a summer student instead.

From Our Customer

“We never worry about the accuracy of the updating progress in P6.”

PCM-Archiver Used Before Decommissioning Server

Learn how the PCM-Archiver was used to archive projects

Southern U.S. City Used PCM-Archiver to Archive Projects Before Decommissioning Their PCM Server

Written by Dan MacMillan

Client Overview

Client is a capital city of a southern U.S. state.


  • The project team needed to archive dozens of projects with large numbers of documents and attachments.

  • The team was not using PCM actively anymore, but they needed to get the documents and attachments into a place they could retrieve them to follow their legal obligations

  • The IT team had the PCM server on the high risk for cyberattack vulnerabilities due to the old Java version PCM needed to run on.


  • Emerald provided the PCM-Archiver and assisted in getting it setup.

  • We had some challenges with large projects crashing and hanging up, but Emerald improved the program to overcome these issues

  • All the projects have been archived, and we have decommissioned the old PCM server.

PCM-Archiver Helped Client Move Away from PCM While Keeping Information in It

PCM-Archiver extracted all records out of PCM into an archive location that doesn't need PCM or any special software to access

Client used PCM-Archiver to move away from PCM and rename attachment files

Written by Dan MacMillan

Client Overview

The client is one of seventeen US Department of Energy National Accelerator Laboratories.


  • Want to sunset Primavera Contract Management, which has been unsupported for years and has security issues, but it has information that must be kept.

  • The names of some file attachments in Primavera Contract Management included characters that are not legal in Windows file names.

  • Primavera Contract Management environment database was overloaded, causing random errors when PCM-Archiver downloaded attachments or generated PDFs.


  • PCM-Archiver extracted all record data, attachments, and PDFs of the default form into an archive location on the file system that doesn't need Primavera Contract Management, or any other special software, to access.

  • We made changes to PCM-Archiver to automatically rename attachment files with illegal characters when it downloads them.

  • PCM-Archiver already had logic to re-try operations when certain errors occurred, which we expanded to cover these new errors. This allowed the PCM-Archiver process to complete successfully.

PCM-Archiver Used for Client Moving from PCM to Unifier

PCM-Archiver helped client archive data before they moved to Unifier.

Written by Nicole Jardin

Client Overview

Capital Health (now AHS - Alberta Health Services) used Primavera Contract Management for 15 years+ for all their capital projects documentation and contract management. When moving to Oracle Unifier, archiving thousands of legacy PCM projects was needed before decommissioning the PCM server.


  • Thousands of PCM projects with thousands of documents in them needed to be archived in a secure manner.

  • A very large set of attachments needed to be archived.

  • Project managers validation and sign-off was required per project. Some coaching was done to handle this.


  • Over 3 months, Emerald helped AHS extract the projects and work through some enhancements in the tool.

  • The client wanted an Excel sheet added to capture all fields from each document record to enhance the standard document printout so this was added to the tool.

PCM-Archiver Used to Archive Client Data

Learn how the PCM-Archiver helped client extract data out of PCM

Bank in Kuwait used PCM-Archiver to extract all record data, attachments, and PDFs from PCM

Written by Dan MacMillan

Client Overview

Client is the largest financial institution in Kuwait. Their Primavera Contract Management server needed to be taken offline, so PCM-Archiver was used to archive the data.


  • Primavera Contract Management server must be taken offline, as it's been unsupported for years and presents an unacceptable security risk, but it has information that must be kept.

  • The client has specific requirements for the naming conventions of the extracted documents.

  • Information was still being added to Primavera Contract Management while some projects were being closed out.


  • PCM-Archiver extracted all record data, attachments, and PDFs of the default form into an archive location on the filesystem that doesn't need Primavera Contract Management, or any other special software, to access.

  • PCM-Archiver has a very flexible naming engine that was configured to use the names wanted by the client.

  • An incremental mode was added to PCM-Archiver that would allow archiving new documents only to accommodate the ongoing projects.

PCM-Archiver Used to Archive Client Data in PCM

Learn how the PCM-Archiver helped client extract data out of PCM

Energy company used PCM-Archiver to extract data, attachments, and PDFs from PCM

Written by Dan MacMillan

Client Overview

Client is a subsidiary of Michigan’s largest electric and natural gas utility, serving 6.8 million of the state’s 10 million residents.


  • Want to sunset Primavera Contract Management, which has been unsupported for years and has security issues, but it has information that's crucial to keep for legal reasons.

  • Need to keep custom field data.

  • Need to know who attached files, and when, in case it's needed for future dispute resolution.


  • PCM-Archiver extracted all record data, attachments, and PDFs of the default form into an archive location on the filesystem that doesn't need Primavera Contract Management, or any other special software, to access.

  • PCM-Archiver extracted an Excel spreadsheet for each document that includes custom fields, as well as all other fields, on both the header and line item levels.

  • PCM-Archiver included a tab in the extracted spreadsheet for each document with attachments that includes information about who attached each file and when.

Large U.S. State DOT Saved Time Cleaning Primavera P6 Files for Import

Learn how P6-Scrubber can edit P6 XERs, XMLs and MSP XMLs

P6-Scrubber used to edit and remove unwanted data prior to import

Client Overview

This State Department of Transportation is a governmental agency that constructs, maintains, and regulates the use of transportation infrastructure. It is responsible for more than 20,000 lane-miles of roadway, nearly 3,000 vehicular bridges and 524 other structures. This infrastructure includes rail lines, state highways, state ferries (considered part of the highway system) and state airports.


  • Users were in need of a faster, easier way to remove or remap data from contractor XERs and XMLs prior to importing to P6.

  • Users required a fast way to prefix or remove roles in their XERs and XMLs.

  • Microsoft Project XMLs are provided by contractors. They wanted to also have the ability to edit these files prior to importing them into their P6 database.


  • Deployed P6-Scrubber to facilitate the editing of XER and XML files.

  • Quick role prefixing or removing roles was needed, so Emerald added that option to the Simple Scrub module in P6-Scrubber.

  • MSP XML file scrubbing was added to the P6-Scrubber tool to facilitate the editing of these files.

Large Engineering Firm Uses P6-QA

Custom checks created in P6-QA helped client

Helping Client Users Self-Monitor Schedule Quality

Written by Sue Hopkins

Client Overview

Client is an employee-owned, multi-disciplined engineering, planning, architectural, and environmental services firm in the United States. With nearly 700 employees spread between more than 30 offices in 12 states, they offer a wide range of services with a focus on aviation, construction, facilities design, federal, power, transportation, survey, and water. They sit in the top 150 of the Engineering News-Record's prestigious Top 500 Design Firms list, while Zweig Group has recognized the client as a best firm to work for in the multi-discipline category for six consecutive years.


  • Needed a solution to coach their client users on scheduling best practices

  • Users required a way to monitor the quality of their schedules while creating schedules, as well as when they were in-flight

  • A specific set of quality checks were needed based on contract requirements and general quality guidelines


  • Emerald Associates built additional checks and a custom report focusing on what was of importance to their team

  • P6-QA deployed on all databases to monitor project quality using out-of-the-box functions and customized checks

  • The DOT users are able to self-monitor their schedules without constant assistance from the firm saving countless hours of consulting time

ZOHO Projects Integrated to P6-EPPM and QuickBooks

Integrations Between Zoho, P6, and QuickBooks

Projects, WBS, Tasks, and Resources Integrated with Ease

Written by Nicole Jardin

Client Overview

Consulting firm that supports large client integration projects, software development, and ongoing hosting and support needed a way to integrate ZOHO CRM, ZOHO Projects, ZOHO Desk and Primavera P6.


  • Tracking software tools development in ZOHO Projects and client tickets from ZOHO Desk to ensure all deliverables are managed and prioritized with larger client projects

  • Integrate with P6 and Team Member for timesheets that are integrated with role rates and QuickBooks for invoicing

  • Statusing tickets in ZOHO Desk and issues in ZOHO Projects and having them update P6 tasks quickly for weekly client reporting


  • Easily create projects in P6 from ZOHO Projects that land in the right EPS and have project codes critical for integrating to QuickBooks for accounting

  • Easily add in tasks and resource load the tasks to tie to roles and role rates in QuickBooks

  • Update tasks in ZOHO projects and integrate to P6 so that timesheets in Team Member can be updated and integrated into QuickBooks

  • Use TaskList Templates in ZOHO Projects to control the roles assigned in P6 for easier invoicing to clients

  • Updates for statuses and percent completes from ZOHO Projects integrated into P6